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Giovanni Maria Benzoni 1809-1873 . ‘Amore e Psiche’ - 1845.


Giovanni Maria Benzoni 1809-1873 . ‘Amore e Psiche’ - 1845.

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Oberyn Martell and Loras Tyrell became my otp last night.

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Ilya Kisaradov Aka Ezorenier Takes Gorgeous Surreal Photography


Russian photographer Ilya Kisaradov’s subjects are primarily women, who are out in the open with nature. In her photographs, the image of the birdcage appears a few times, possibly symbolizing imprisonment. The confinement of her subjects juxtaposed against the backdrop of the openness of nature illustrates the dichotomy between humans and nature and how we continuously imprison ourselves by getting further and further away from nature. Though regardless of what message one may take away from Ilya Kisaradov photographs, their stunning quality and surreal imagery are electrifying and compels the viewer to gaze intently. She is both expressive and contemplative.

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